Norma Charles

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  • Publisher: Raincoast, Vancouver
  • ISBN: 1-55192-430-7

Twelve-year-old Megan is surprised when her father suddenly calls after a year’s absence to propose a secret weekend reunion. Despite memories of his drinking and bad temper, she convinces herself and her younger sister, Jen, that the meeting is harmless. Before stealing away, she hastily writes a note for her mother.

When the rebellious adventure starts to take on an edge of danger, however, Megan has second thoughts. The girls are shuffled into cars, taxis and ferries before they board a boat to a remote island where their father introduces them to his new Irish bride, Bridget, and their baby stepbrother, Joey. Angry and frightened, Megan begins to suspect she has been an unwitting accomplice to a scheme that threatens them all. Can she paddle across the channel for help? Or will she be stranded with a man who is fast becoming a stranger?

“Norma Charles evokes the west coast wilderness and its own particular brand of eccentric characters with the authority of experience and real imagination.” – Nan Gregory, winner of the Sheila Egoff Award.“This novel combines a can’t-put-it-down adventure story with natural, engaging characters and the issues Meg deals with – divorce, alcoholism, jealousy, and adjusting to a new blended family – are
handled with sensitivity. This is Norma Charles’ best yet!” – Sue Ann Alderson

“Riveting! The reader is swept from page to page in the ever increasing current.” – Ainslie Manson

Shortlisted for the Sheila Egoff Award, 2001

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