Norma Charles

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  • Publisher: Beach Holme, Vancouver
  • ISBN: 0-88878-431-7

Sophie and her family settle into their new home in Maillardville on the outskirts of Vancouver and Sophie meets stuck-up, Elizabeth Proctor. At first Elizabeth seems friendly enough, but when she tries to lure away Sophie’s playmate, Jake, she soon becomes Sophie’s enemy. When Monsieur le Cure comes over for dinner, he announces that his new school, Notre Dame de Fatima will be ready in September so Sophie must attend it.

When Elizabeth finds out she teases Sophie about being a Frenchie-Peasoup. But Sophie soon makes other friends and she’s happy to be at a school that encourages French speaking.

The worst possible thing happens when the teachers at Notre Dame de Fatima go on strike and all the students must attend the other schools. Sophie must not only attend Alderson Avenue School now, she is forced to share a desk with her enemy, Elizabeth Proctor. Will she have to endure her time at the new school as a total outcast?

Or will she, like Star Girl, save the day with a daring rescue?

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