Norma Charles

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  • Publisher: Coteau, Regina
  • ISBN: 0-9730831-2-3

One summer morning when the sun was shining like a big round lemon drop, Ruby was skipping home from Joe’s bakery. Summer holidays were the best. She was swinging a bag of fresh Jamaican patties. The delicious spicy aroma made her mouth water.

Suddenly, out from the bushes popped her enemy, number one, Mean Old Miley. He was the meanest kid in the whole neighbourhood.

Ruby gripped her bag of Jamaican patties tight and tried to escape, but Mean Old Miley held onto a stick and wouldn’t let her pass. He pulled down his baseball cap and growled, “Ha, ha! Got you, Fuzzy Wuzzy!”

Ruby’s hair is making her miserable. The boy next door won’t stop teasing her about it. What can she do? Her mom won’t let her cut it off. Finally a wise suggestion by her best friend shows her a magical, and wonderful solution. A charming and insightful story about getting along with your hair, and with the bully next door.

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