Norma Charles

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The Nitty Gritty of Writing Kids’ Books

Readings by Norma Charles

One question people often ask writers is ‘where do you find your ideas?’

Norma likes to answer that question by demonstrating where she got the ideas for some of her books. And perhaps students will find ideas that will inspire their own writing.

She often begins her sessions by reading her first book, the popular, See You Later, Alligator, and tells the story of what inspired it.

She will then turn to her most recent novels, Run Marco Run, Bank Job and Chasing a Star and share what inspired them.

Norma will show the importance of conflict in a story, how it provides the juice or pep of a story. As a writer, she is always looking for a situation that’s filled with conflict. She finds that they make the most interesting stories to read and also, to write.

She will show students what she did with those initial ideas to write a story, by creating all the story elements of character, setting, plot, theme, and so on.

She will take students through the whole Writing Process, from brainstorming, first drafts, peer editing and submitting to a publisher, and she will share actual edited manuscripts.

She will share what it’s like working with a publisher, editors and book designers to transform a manuscript into a finished product, a book that you might put on your bookshelf or read on your Kindle or Kobo.

Norma likes to leave time for questions and further discussion of the Writing Process.

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