Norma Charles

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  • Publisher: Beach Holme, Vancouver
  • ISBN: 0-88878-404-X

Sophie LaGrange is 10 years old in 1949 and she’s loves comic books, especially comic books about her favourite hero, Star Girl. She loves Star Girl so much that she pretends she’s Star Girl and goes around trying to save people, especially her little brother.

When her father gets a new job, her whole family, Maman, Papa, Sophie and her four brothers, have to move across the country from Quebec to BC. Along the way, they visit relatives and friends and have lots of adventures. In Ste. Anne des Chenes, Manitoba, they narrowly miss a flood. In Saskatchewan, Sophie must save her little brother from an angry bull, and in Carbon Alberta, she disguises as a boy so she can be in a go-cart derby.

As the family travels across the country, each province is introduced with Quick Facts about it. When the family finally reaches their new home, Sophie is nervous because she has a secret. A secret hidden in her suitcase. Now where can she hide it in their new house so no one will ever find it?

“…a delightful mixture of history, geography, adventure, and fantasy… the fast-paced adventures are sure to make this an enjoyable novel… Norma Charles builds geographic and historic information into the plot with commendable accuracy and facility.” – Resource Links

“Sophie’s curiosity leads to some funny as well as heart-stopping adventures…this book is a gentle family story…” – Quill and Quire- Winner of the British Columbia Year 2000 Book Award

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